Artist's Statement

Fusing mediums and disciplines,
Linking form and content
I paint, draw, photograph, print, sew,
build sculpture, installation, earthwork,
create music and live art.

Crossing frontiers is natural; borders are not.
Creation is flow.
The art makes me; then I make it.
I visualize it and let it be something growing inside.
Then I work it and at the same time let go.

Everything influences me.
The process is to stay open, remain flexible,
To notice, experiment, grow.
To pursue artistic and spiritual forms
of perceptual development.


Tracy Ginsberg portrait

Tracy Ginsberg's interdisciplinary approach combines painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, photography, video and live art to explore transformation, sacred space, nature and the feminine divine. Her work is exhibited in galleries, museums, performing art centers, universities and alternative spaces across the country. Selected venues include San Francisco Art Institute, ArtPrize, Rose Wagner Center for Performing Arts, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Gen Art, Mina Dresden Gallery, SPUR Projects, CounterPULSE, Holter Museum of Art, Museum of Arts Downtown Los Angeles, Matrix Arts, University of Oregon, Toomey-Tourell Gallery, Soho 20. Ginsberg's works belong to private, corporate and public collections. Live art, time-based earthworks and graffiti interventions occur in large public gatherings like the National Equality March for LGBT equal rights in Washington DC, on street corners, in curated exhibitions in both natural environments and urban sites.

Tracy Ginsberg is the founder and artistic director of Fulcrum Projects, an experimental, multi-disciplinary live art company that creates and produces interactive, site-specific installations, performances and exhibitions exploring shifting paradigms in consciousness and culture. Founded in San Francisco in 2002, Fulcrum Projects is now headquartered in West Marin County, CA. In the past several years, collaborating with artists from music, dance, film/video, performance and engineering backgrounds, Fulcrum Projects has developed a series of shows, live events and multi-media installations both in its home space and nationwide.

Ginsberg graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute, BFA 1996 and the University of Michigan, BA 1993. She and her partner Theodore Lillie created and co-teach Eco-Logic: photographic approach, theory and practice at the San Francisco Art Institute, 2012.