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Examining the intersection of human, industrial and ecological habitats, Tracy Ginsberg and Theodore Lillie create multidisciplinary, interactive, site-specific installation and sculpture. Combining natural and re-purposed materials with traditional and new media, including photography, painting, earthwork, video and sound, their art explores the crossroads of ecosystems, biodiversity and urban development. The work underscores the magnitude and fragility of our physical world by highlighting iconic, natural images that hold special significance within human experience. Investigating native habitats and species, their collaborative works immerse viewers in transformational environments. Founded in San Francisco 2002 and now headquartered in West Marin, Fulcrum Projects is Ginsberg-Lillie's experimental project space and live art company reflecting shifting paradigms in consciousness and culture.


Eleven Eleven, HOME, Rainbow Tara

Fulcrum Projects Space

With a dream of living and working in nature and open space, Tracy Ginsberg and Theodore Lillie arrived one day at a remarkable sight: an old barn on a hilltop parcel adjoining public land. The address was lot 43, their lucky number, and carved on the door was an auspicious inscription: "T + T." Fulcrum Projects had found its home.

Renovations began and continue on. In 2004, they mapped the 29 acre project space, built a trail system, renovated the barn and planted an organic edible garden with honey bee hives and a chicken coup. They installed sculptures in the woods and meditative spaces in the trees. Fulcrum's first production, Homage to the 21 Taras premiered in 2005; Forest Alchemy debuted at the project space in 2007. In the past several years, collaborating with artists from music, dance, film/video, performance and engineering backgrounds, Fulcrum Projects has developed a series of multidisciplinary installations and live events in gallery, museum, performance center, natural and urban spaces. Currently underway is an artist residency project; building tree houses and transforming re-purposed shipping containers into sustainable studios using reclaimed wood, photovoltaic systems, gray water recycling and compost toilets.

Fulcrum Projects Site



Breezeway Gallery




Wood and Metal Shop


Fulcrum Projects: Permanent Works

HOME, Tracy Ginsberg and Theodore Lillie


Homage to the 21 Taras, Tracy Ginsberg


Lady of the Sky, Tracy Ginsberg






Design and Concept: Tracy Ginsberg; Engineering and Rigging: Ken Huck;
Construction: Ken Huck, Tracy Ginsberg, Theodore Lillie, Joshua Thompson.

Sheep, Terry Mason


Tension Sail, Theodore Lillie


Paradigm Shift, Bruce Chaban


Fulcrum Projects Time-Based Art

G, Installation by Tracy Ginsberg and Performance by Oscar Trujillo


Untitled, Leo Bersamina


Fulcrum Projects Design


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